Have admired the Gemstone Light Fixtures that FUSE Electrical have installed in the neighbourhood in the last couple years and finally decided to have them installed on my house. The process was efficient and the install happened soon after. The workmanship is very good and I feel the lights have added value to my property.

Michael K

I highly recommend Kent and Fuse Electrical Solutions! Kent completed some repairs in my condo, and I was impressed with his professionalism and attention to detail. He was friendly and completed his work quickly. I will definitely call Fuse Electrical again for future work. Thanks Kent!

Robyn Lofstrand

My house was broken. At random times, when any mysterious combination of appliances were on, I would lose power to my whole house.
After living with it for about a month, we decided to call a professional to look at our house’s electrical power.
Kent Kempin came in on a Thursday morning to investigate things. To trip the power, we turned on as many appliances as possible. After some waiting time, we were able to show Kent our issue.
From there, Kent went to work. He looked through our electrical panel and a number of our appliances before finding the issue in an unlikely source, the electrical feed of our dryer. He quickly fixed the issue, and we haven’t had a problem with our power since.
Thank you Kent and Fuse Electrical Solutions Ltd. for fixing our house and hanging out with me, my wife, and our kids for an hour until we could figure out how to trip the power on demand.

Aiden Poole

We hired FUSE to install living room pot lights, replace outdoor lights, and hang string lights over the backyard patio. The quality of the work was excellent, and we couldn’t be happier with the result. The string light display, in particular, exceeded all expectations.

S Thomas

Kent provided prompt and professional service for my fixture instalment. I would recommend Fuse Electrical to anyone looking for residential or commercial electrical needs.

Eric Chute

Kent Kempin is a great electrician. Professional , friendly, great rates , I highly recommend
Fuse electrical. 👍👍

Gary Morrison